Sportpesa Registration Procedure: How to register for sportpesa via SMS

/Sportpesa Registration Procedure: How to register for sportpesa via SMS
Sportpesa Registration Procedure: How to register for sportpesa via SMS 2016-08-16T06:36:16+00:00

Sportpesa registration procedure is simple and easy and i would like to show you to in this article via sms or through the sportpesa website. Just follow these simple instructions and you are all set to start betting on games and stand a chance to win some good money.

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There are two ways to register for sport pesa which are;

1. Short Message Service (SMS)

2. Online through

Let me show you how you can register using both of the options above.

Registering for sportpesa by SMS

1. Go to MESSAGES on your phone and create a new message.

2. Write ACCEPT#0724136311 halafu tuma kwa hii namba 79079

3. Wait for confirmation registration number from them. You will receive a username,pin and your mobile operator paybill number for loading your account before placing game bets.

4. Deposit money to your mobile number using the paybill numbers provided and all that is remaining is placing your bets.

Registering through the sport pesa website

1. Go to and click “register now” button

sportpesa registration

2. A pop up window will appear and you need to fill in your details . phone number would ideally be your username and you also need to enter a password of your choice. Read and accept their terms and conditions (and you should be over 18 years of age)

NB: for reference ID enter 0724136311

register for sportpesa

3. You will need a verification code to get access to your account. Click the “get verification code” button.

4. They will send you a verification code by SMS. Enter the code in the provided field and click on “finish registration”


5. You will receive a second sms message confirming your registration. You will receive a username (phone number), a unique pin number and a paypal number (which is different for different mobile operators)

Congratulations! you have now registered for the sportpesa betting game.